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The methodology we adopt to design your website is outlined below.

1) Evaluating your needs

We start by asking you about your website requirements. We gather information about your website goals, company, services, etc. We use this information to prepare an outline of your requirements.

2) Collecting materials for the website

We request you for materials for the website in the form of brochures, product info, photos, etc. The more you provide us with the better.

3) Content map and sample designs

The next step is to establish the site architecture in the form of a content map (or site map). Based on the content map we also provide sample designs for your review. The content map and sample designs allow us to discuss with you about the look and feel you would like for the site. Your feedback is essential in the design process and is welcome at all stages.

4) Designing the site

Based on your feedback on the sample designs we build the website site starting from the home page (or the main page) of the site. As each page is completed we upload it on to a test server so that you can review the progress of the site at any time. Any programs such as an ecommerce system are also developed this stage.

5) Website testing and debugging

Once the site is complete it is opened for beta-testing by you as well as others you may invite to look at the site. The site is available on the test server during this process and feedback received from testing is incorporated into the site.

6) Site goes live

Once the testing and debugging process is complete we add the relevant search engine meta-tags (note that we have a seperate search engine optimization service in case you require top rankings on search results) and take the site live. We also provide you with access to the email accounts and website statistics page for your website.


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